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Top 10 Best Alcohol Testers in 2020 Reviews

Many organizations and corporates want their employees to stay on the right side of the law. Many individuals also do not want to take the risk of drunk driving. That is why; alcohol testers are a necessity these days. However, accurate reading is only possible when you go with the best alcohol testers on offer. There are quite a few alcohol testers to choose from.

Instead of going through the specifications of every alcohol tester that you can find, you need to go through our top 10 best alcohol testers below. Once you do so, you will be choosing the best. Our buying guide can help you make that buying decision from those ten options.

List of 10 Best Alcohol Testers in 2020

Last update on 2020-09-24

#10. Breathalyzer to Test Alcohol Tester with Rechargeable Battery

Breathalyzer to Test Alcohol Tester with Rechargeable Battery

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The alcohol tester that we are highlighting now can show you the results in just 10 seconds. The LCD screen means that you can see the results accurately. It is suitable for personal and professional use. Also, it has three decimal places readings, which means that accurate reading is possible. You have to press one button and blow in it for 5 seconds. After 8 seconds, the colored result will show up, which means that it is easy to decipher.

The 1000 mAh battery can fuel it for at least 200 tests. Moreover, it can record results as well. The screen quality is such that you can view it under the sun. The compact and portable size is another reason to go for it. With all these features, it is an alcohol tester that ticks all the boxes.

Highlighted Features
  • Quick results
  • 1000 mAh battery
  • Highly accurate
  • Can store up to 10 results

#9. JASTEK Breathalyzer, Professional Breath Alcohol Tester

JASTEK Breathalyzer, Professional Breath Alcohol Tester

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The battery of 1000 mAh is the USP of this alcohol tester. It comes with Micro USB cable for charging. Also, you get ten replacement mouthpieces with it. The 0.05% BAC level is the threshold. Anything higher than that will result in red light. The BAC level is adjustable. There is also an alarm which you can adjust according to your requirement. It can record up to 32 readings at a time.

The portable design means that carrying it around is undoubtedly easy. It can show you the result with seconds, which means that it is very convenient to use. The anti-interference feature certainly makes it more accurate. With high accuracy and the adjustable threshold, this one fits your requirements perfectly.

Highlighted Features
  • Adjustable threshold
  • High battery capacity
  • Can store 32 readings
  • Customizable alarm

#8. Breathalyzer, 2020 New Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

Breathalyzer, 2020 New Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

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The high accuracy and adjustable MCU control mean that you can customize the threshold of this tester with a minimum of 0.05% BAC. It runs on 3 AAA batteries, which come along with it. The blue LED display allows you to view the reading quickly. The display shows the reading up to 3 decimal points. Also, you can finish the test in just 20 seconds.

The alcohol tester comes with five mouthpieces that are easy to replace. Also, the sleek design means that it is effortless to carry around. The compatibility and quick results make it an option worth buying.

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with batteries
  • Blue LED display on offer
  • Highly accurate
  • Quick results

#7. KINCREA Professional Digital Breathalyzer

KINCREA Professional Digital Breathalyzer

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Do you prefer even smaller alcohol tester? If yes, this breathalyzer will be the perfect one. It runs on 2 AA batteries included with it. Also, accuracy is such that it is suitable for hospitals and law enforcement use as well. It can provide you the results in around 20 seconds.

The dimensions are just 105 MM by 32 MM by 18 MM. That is why; you can carry it in your pocket easily. With a single button push mechanism, there is no learning curve involved. The compact design and the convenience which it provides undoubtedly help it stand out.

Highlighted Features
  • Compact design
  • Requires just a 2 AA batteries
  • Quick results
  • Single pushbutton mechanism

#6. VEIPAO Breathalyzer Professional Alcohol Tester

VEIPAO Breathalyzer Professional Alcohol Tester

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The USP of this alcohol tester is that it is FDA certified. Due to this reason, you can be sure about its accuracy. Moreover, it can display the results in just 10 seconds. The LCD screen is clear and bright. The auto-shutdown mechanism means that it does not need a lot of energy to operate. There are three different alarm levels as well depending on the alcohol level in your breath.

You get ten mouthpieces in one cloth bag along with it. That is why; carrying it with you wherever you go is certainly possible. You can charge it in under 3 hours. The long working time ensures that you can use it for more than 150 tests on a single charge. It includes a 1000 MH rechargeable lithium battery. The energy-efficient design makes it probably the perfect choice for you.

Highlighted Features
  • FDA certified
  • Highly accurate
  • Quick test results
  • Long battery life

#5. Oasser Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester

Oasser Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester

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With mouthpieces and 3 AA batteries, everything which you need to use this alcohol tester comes along with it. Also, you can switch the units according to your requirements. The auto-shutdown mechanism in 3 minutes ensures that it will not consume a lot of battery. The screen will turn to red once the reading crosses 0.08% BAC.

Also, there is an alarm system on offer to alert you right away. The advanced semiconductor-based sensor ensures that the reading is not only accurate but quite quick. The dimensions are 4.5” x 2.4” x 0.79”. The single button operation means that using it is highly convenient. The sleek design, as well as advanced sensors, ensures that this is undoubtedly one of the best alcohol testers that you can buy.

Highlighted Features
  • Highly accurate sensor
  • Auto shutdown mechanism
  • Offers an alarm system
  • Sleek and compact design

#4. Rofeer Breathalyzer Digital Blue LED Screen Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

Rofeer Breathalyzer Digital Blue LED Screen Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

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With six measurement units and the capacity to store 32 readings, this is one of the most versatile alcohol testers which you can go with. It offers color distinction according to the reading and also a sound warning. That is why it is difficult to ignore in any condition.

The operation is pretty easy. Once you press the power button for at least 2 seconds, the test starts by itself. Also, you have to wait for 15 seconds to let it preheat. After that, you have to blow in it for just 5 seconds. The LCD screen is clear to read. The entire test should not take more than a couple of minutes. Also, the five mouthpieces which come along with it are washable. The dimensions are 4.84” x 2.17” x 0.75”. It ensures that it is highly compact. The single button operation makes it convenient to use, as well. The clear display with the color and alarm feature is the reason why it is on our list.

Highlighted Features
  • Consist of 6 different measurement units
  • Can store 32 readings
  • Easy to use
  • Highly compact

#3. WEIO Professional Alcohol Tester

WEIO Professional Alcohol Tester

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Do you prefer an alcohol tester that comes with more mouthpieces? If yes, this one consists of 10 mouthpieces. Along with that, it comes with a single storage bag as well. The digital LCD is very easy to decipher. The semiconductor sensor will always provide you with an accurate reading. Moreover, when the reading crosses the threshold, it displays in red. Hence, it is easy to understand reading, as well. The threshold is 0.5% BAC. Once the reading crosses that threshold, there is an audible alarm.

The 5-second automatic shutdown mechanism helps you save the batteries. It needs 2 AA batteries. You can conduct the entire test in just a minute. The accessories and high accuracy ensure that it is sure to grab your attention.

Highlighted Features
  • Includes accessories
  • Digital LCD
  • Easy to read display
  • Automatic shutdown mechanism

#2. BACtrack C6 Keychain Alcohol Tester

BACtrack C6 Keychain Alcohol Tester

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Are you looking for more advanced alcohol tester? If yes, you need not look any further. It not only provides you with accurate reading, but it also shows when readings will reach 0.00% BAC. It ensures that you will know right away how much time you need to wait. This alcohol tester has a mode on offer for android as well as iOS smartphones to connect it with your smartphone through Bluetooth. Once you do so, you will be able to call an Uber when your reading is beyond a certain threshold.

It comes with 1 AAA battery. The dimensions are 1.88” x 2.21”. That is why; carrying it in your pocket is quite easy. The reading is directly displayed on your smartphone as well as in the alcohol tester display. The patented technology makes it highly accurate and a perfect choice.

Highlighted Features
  • App compatibility
  • 0 alcohol content estimation on offer
  • Requires just one AAA battery
  • Highly compact

#1. BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer

BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer

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The device on top of our list is FDA cleared device. As a result, you can be sure about its accuracy. Moreover, the bright LCD screen means that going through the readings is not going to be a problem. It comes with six reusable mouthpieces. The one-touch operation means that it is not confusing to use. Also, it requires 2 AA batteries.

After you turn it on, the countdown starts. Once the countdown reaches 0, you need to blow in it for 5 seconds. That it! The battery life is on the higher side, which means that it can help you take 100 readings or more. It displays three decimal places which help you in getting the most accurate reading. Police-grade construction ensures proper accuracy. It comes along with the alcohol fuel cell sensor, which provides high accuracy to the breathalyzer. The design is ergonomic, which makes it very easy to use. It is the perfect confluence of convenience and efficiency, and that is why it is much superior to many other options available.

Highlighted Features
  • FDA cleared device
  • Consist of 6 reusable mouthpieces
  • Runs on 2 AA batteries
  • Can take more than 100 readings on the same set of batteries
  • Easy to use
  • Police-grade precision
  • Ergonomic design

Alcohol Testers Buying Guide

The buying guide below will let you know the parameters to consider when choosing the alcohol tester. These include:

  • Display: If the display is not large enough or not clear, you cannot view the readings. When you’re slightly drunk or heavily drunk, it is essential to have a clear display. That is why, without looking at the attributes of the screen, you cannot buy alcohol tester.
  • Power source: You have to find out whether it runs on AA batteries, AAA batteries, or whether it is rechargeable. In each of those cases, you have to find out how many readings it can take on a single charge on a unique set of batteries. Once you find that out, you can decide how long it can run before it needs new batteries or recharge. It will allow you to determine which one requires less maintenance. Similarly, the less energy it consumes, the more economical it is. Due to this reason, it is essential to look at the power source and the energy consumption of the alcohol tester, and after that, choose one.
  • Precision: Precision is critical when buying an alcohol tester. There are a few ways to know about accuracy. If any authority clears the alcohol tester, it indicates that it is highly precise.

If that is not the case, you have to look at the sensor in use. You should be able to get some information regarding the sensor by going through the description below. It will allow you to understand how much precision you can expect from it.

Thirdly, you can look at the number of decimal places which it displays as well. If it displays 2 or 3 decimal places, then you can certainly get an accurate reading. In these three ways, it will be possible for you to gauge the precision of the alcohol tester. The more precise it is, the better.

When you’re going through the top 10 best alcohol testers below, you need to compare them on these four parameters. Once you do so, there will be no confusion at all. You should choose the one that meets all the requirements and excels in these parameters.


When you’re looking for the best alcohol testers, these ten options are the ones that you should choose from. In case you’re not able to make the decision, you can use the buying guide above to your advantage. It will allow you to choose from these top 10 options easily.

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